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Welcome to my gallery, I hope while youre here you are also able to enjoy as I did the journey to discover the joy of art in all its forms. I love to hear from all who come to view my work do enjoy yourself and I hope you are also inspired by the Divine

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Our Lady of Africa

African Dances

Botswana dance

Reed Dance

Eritrean Quda Dance

Kiganda Dance

Zimbabwe dances

Adowa Dance - Ghana

Ghana Dances

Warba dance - Burkino Faso

San Dance

Baladi dance

Tunisian dance

Igbo dance - Nigeria

Mwinoghe dance - Malawi

Ivory Coast Dance

Comoros Islands Dance

Gumbe dance - Guinea-Bissau

Hausa dance - Nigeria

Zulu - South Africa

Jerusarema or Mbende Dance - Zimbabwe

Malawi dance

Bakiga Dance

Rwanda Intore Dance

Burundi Ishaka Dance

Ouled Nail Dance - Algeria

European folk dances

Tarantella dance - Italy

Highland Dance



Kalinka Dance - Russia

Folk Dance Denmark

rocky road

Jesus the Good Shepherd

Poppies for Peace in South Sudan

South Sudan Peace Reborn

Peace The Inner Message Poster South Sudan

New Beginnings - Peace in South Sudan

Hope for Peace in South Sudan

South Sudan War Child

New Woman South Sudan

New Nation South Sudan

South Sudanese Lady

Shilluk South Sudan

Shilluk Bride South Sudan

Murle - South Sudan

Murle Bride - South Sudan

Murle Dance - South Sudan